Monday, October 21, 2013

New Book Releases!

I'm delighted to announce that LSF Publications has just released a collection of my stories called The Hazards of Smoking. I had to choose an author name for the book series LSF is publishing, as Aunt Carla was judged to be a less-than-ideal author's name for these purposes. Hence Adrian Caine (note the odd congruence of initials ;)

You can get your copy of The Hazards of Smoking, as well as three more of Adrian's eBooks at LSF publications ( or at Amazon Kindle ( Happy reading, my dears!

Yours sincerely,

Aunt Carla

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Becky’s Post-Spanking Snippet

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My name is Becky, and last night found me standing in front of the kitchen sink wearing nothing but my apron. I was sporting a hot-pink bottom, the result of a well-earned spanking over TJ’s knee. I’d promised to do the dishes and the rest of the housework before she got home from work, but I got thoroughly engrossed in a novel and lost track of time.

She was not impressed.

I got a tongue-lashing first, one with a familiar theme. You see, TJ works all day in an office, while I freelance at home. We’ve therefore struck a bargain: she's the one pulling in a steady paycheck (not that I do poorly as a freelancer!), so I do the lion’s share of the housework. She expects to come home to a thoroughly clean house in the evening. I’d failed to live up to my end of the agreement again, I was acting like an irresponsible kid, yadda yadda yadda.

The lecture was followed by the command to lose all my clothes. 

I whined and stamped my foot, embarrassed and all-too-aware of what was coming. TJ just sat on the couch, crossed her arms, and waited for me to obey. She knew it was only a matter of time.

I was soon in my birthday suit and bottoms-up over her lap. I kicked and caterwauled my way through a particularly painful spanking with TJ's leather paddle. 

After the dishes were done, I was relieved of my apron and banished to the corner next to the TV for the rest of the evening. I had to sit on a hard wooden stool while my disciplinarian/lover watched TV. Have you ever planted a just-spanked bare rear end on hard wood and sat there for over an hour? I don’t recommend it. I would have gladly avoided sitting all day today if I could; unfortunately, my work requires me to sit at my desk for long periods of time. Fortunately, the working-at-home deal means there's nobody to watch me squirm in my seat on my post-spanking days.

Given TJ’s strictness and unwillingness to let me get away with irresponsible behavior, I really need to start watching the clock more closely.

Then again, what would be the fun in that?

Copyright Ⓒ 2013 by Aunt Carla

All rights reserved  

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Allie's Naked Weekend -- The Beginning

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"That's it!" Maris declared angrily. "You just lost your clothing privileges for the weekend, little girl!"

Allie gasped. Yes, she knew it was within her partner's purview to take away the privilege of being clothed in the house, according to the 'mutual discipline' agreement both women had signed. But neither of them had yet invoked the 'no clothes' rule, and Allie couldn't believe she was going to be its first victim!

"Oh come on!" she cried. "You can't be serious!"

"I'm dead serious, little girl. You break the rules, you pay the price. Now get out of those clothes, you won't be needing them for the next couple of days."

Allie whimpered, but obeyed. She kicked off her moccasins, then pulled her t shirt over her head and lay it across the arm of her favorite living room chair. Under Maris' watchful eye, she unzipped and removed her jeans, placing them neatly on top of the shirt. She gave her lover one last, pitiful look, hoping to avoid the inevitable by the power of her cuteness. It didn't work.

But she was cute. She was 25 years old, with close-cropped red hair. She stood 5'5" and weighed 120 pounds. She had a classic 'hourglass' figure: 34/25/35. Standing in the living room in just her bra and panties, she was a sight for Maris' sore eyes. But Maris fully intended to put the girl through a memorable punishment weekend, and the plan called for no clothing whatsoever. She pointed meaningfully at the bra and panties. Sighing, Allie removed her bra and, realizing that Maris wasn't in the mood to be bought off by cute pouting, stepped out of her panties.

"Hands on your head, little girl!" Maris ordered.

Allie complied, feeling incredibly exposed and vulnerable. Sure, she'd been naked with this woman hundreds of times, but the fact that they were in the living room and Maris was fully clothed made it feel completely different. Plus, she was being punished, and she didn't know which other disciplinary items from the list Maris intended to invoke.

"Did you really think you'd get away with that?" Maris demanded.

"Yes, Ma'am," Allie answered truthfully. Naughty girl that she was, she would have gladly lied about that to save her butt; however, standing naked with her hands on her head made it virtually impossible to do so.

"So, you thought you could get away with being dishonest, but you were caught," said Maris. "I have a remedy for that."

"Oh no, please, Ma'am!" Allie cried, knowing all too well what she was referring to.

"Quiet. Get in your corner and wait for me."

Allie sighed heavily and padded over to the Punishment Corner, her hands still on her head. She looked like a dream to Maris like that, completely naked and waiting for her discipline. Enjoying the sight of her girlfriend's perfect bare bottom, she smiled. It was lily white now, but would not be so for long.

A minute later, she appeared with a brand-new bar of Ivory soap in her hand.

"Open wide, little one," she commanded.

"Oh please, Ma'am!" a distraught Allie begged. "Couldn't you just spank me instead?"

"Oh, you're getting spanked; no question about that. But your dishonesty has also earned you an extra-long time in the corner with a bar of soap in your mouth. Now open up!"

A tear appeared in Allie's eye. She would have taken a hundred spankings to avoid the soap. Unlike spanking, a mouth-soaping had no erotic overtones for her; she simply hated it. For that reason, Maris only used the soap when her girl had well and fully earned a punishment.

Allie reluctantly opened her mouth.


She opened as far as she could, and Maris stuffed the over-sized bar into her mouth. The acrid taste assaulted the girl immediately; the thought of holding it in her mouth all through her corner time nearly brought her to a panic.

"Face the wall, and don't move a muscle until I call you out," Maris said firmly. Her naughty little girl was going to learn once and for all that deceiving her was a singularly bad idea.

Maris stretched out on the couch and flipped on the TV. One of their favorite sitcoms was on, and it would do Allie good to know that she was missing it. She glanced over at the girl and smiled. That perfect bottom was a feast for the eyes! Soon it would acquire a crimson hue, and that would only make it that much more luscious.

After 15 minutes had gone by - an agonizing eternity for the girl with the soap in her mouth - Maris decided it was time to get the spanking started.

"All right, little one," she said. "Turn around."

Allie obeyed. Maris smiled as she took in the sight of her lover's 34C breasts, flat tummy, and shaved pubis. The big bar of soap in her mouth and her hands on her head completed the picture of a little girl in disgrace.

"You may go to the bathroom. Take the soap out and rinse your mouth, then come back here with the hairbrush."

None too happy to exchange one torment for another, Allie made a face and stamped one bare foot.

"Oh. I see you'd rather have some more corner time," Maris observed coolly. "Very well, turn back around, then."

Allie's eyes widened and she shook her head wildly. She wasn't happy about the hairbrush, but she couldn't stand one more minute with that bar of soap in her mouth.

"I thought you'd see it was wise to mind me," her girlfriend said.

Allie scampered off naked to the bathroom, eager to divest herself of the awful soap. Maris smiled as the water ran and ran; she knew that no matter how long Allie rinsed, the soapy taste would remain with her for quite some time. Eventually, the water stopped running and Allie appeared with the big wooden hairbrush in hand.

"Feeling a little better now?" Maris asked with a smile.

"Yes, a little, Ma'am. God, I hate that soap!

Maris chuckled. "I know you do, baby. Maybe you'll learn to be honest with me someday so you won't need it any more."

Allie would have growled out an epithet, but the fact that she was about to go over a very capable spanker's lap held her in check. She walked slowly to her doom.

"Okay, over my knee you go."

Allie obeyed, handing off the instrument of her butt's imminent destruction. Hanging there, naked as the day she was born, she felt incredibly juvenile and ridiculous. Maris tapped her bottom a couple of times with the brush.

"So, why are you spending the weekend au natural, little girl?"

Allie groaned in humiliation. "Because I broke the rules."

Maris gave her two sharp swats with the hairbrush.


"How are you supposed to address me while you're being punished?" Maris demanded.

"Um...Ma'am or Miss Maris?"

"Exactly. And I expect you to remember that all weekend. God help your butt if you slip up again! So let's try it again: why are you being punished?"

"Because I broke the rules, Ma'am."

"Yes. And which rule is that?"

"The one about talking about purchases over 50 dollars, Ma'am."

"Very good." Maris turned the brush over and scraped the bristles all over her little one's perfect behind, priming it for a good spanking. "What else did you do?"

Allie felt her face go hot, and she felt like the proverbial child caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

"I... I tried to hide it from you, Miss Maris," she said breathlessly.

"Indeed you did, and you got 20 minutes with the soap. I trust you won't be repeating that anytime soon."

"No, Ma'am, I won't, I promise." Allie turned her head to look up at her disciplinarian with the most angelic expression she could assume. "That was an awful punishment, Ma'am. I've learned my lesson, and I promise I won't try to keep things from you any more!"

Maris smiled at Allie's transparent attempt to avoid her spanking. "Oh my sweet little girl, you know I wouldn't cheat you out of something you've earned."

Allie's expression changed in an instant, and she kicked in frustration. She hated these question-and-answer periods over Maris' knee. It made her feel like a naughty little girl, which of course she was. She also hated to be spanked - real discipline spankings, anyway. Their spanking play occupied a completely different head-space; although some of her "play" spankings had been long and hard, they didn't affect her psychologically like the one she was about to receive.



Maris' first spank came as something of a surprise; she usually kept the Q and A up a little longer. Allie was glad to be spared any more scolding, but none-too-happy that her spanking had started.

Once Maris started spanking, she stopped scolding; she preferred to let her hand or her implement du jour do the talking. She spanked her errant girlfriend hard all over her bare behind and upper thighs, using just her hand for the moment. Predictably, Allie started kicking, flailing and squawking almost immediately. The girl would never win any awards for taking a spanking with stoic self-restraint.

Once Maris' hand had covered every available centimeter of bottom flesh several times over and Allie was kicking like an Olympian athlete, she was satisfied with the result. The girl's entire backside was a lovely hot-pink, and she was almost hoarse from all her caterwauling. Maris paused to rest, feeling the heat rise in waves off her girlfriend's behind.

"My goodness!" she exclaimed with a grin. "I could almost cook dinner over this flame!"

Allie kicked in protest of Maris' fun at her bottom's expense, pouting and making a put-out "hmm!" sound. Maris couldn't disguise her glee; it would have been much less fun to spank someone who just lay there like a lump and didn't respond at all. She had no worries in that regard, as Allie represented the opposite end of the spanking-response spectrum.

"But just to be sure it's ready for the roast... time for the hairbrush to dance across these naughty buns!"

"Oh, NO, Ma'am! I've learned my lesson, I SWEAR! You don't have to AHHHH!!!"

Allie's sincere protestations were cut short by the first swat of the hairbrush. Even though she should have been used to it, the first fiery swat with that heavy wooden implement never failed to take her by surprise. She kicked harder than before, balling her hands into fists and squeezing her eyes shut against the exquisite sting in her tail. Maris swung the brush expertly, covering every inch of her already-sore behind. Before long, she was howling, kicking and pounding her fists in the air.

"OW!! Ma'am, PLEASE!!"

Maris was pleased by the reaction; she could tell the difference between Allie's true contrition and her Academy Award-deserving acting. This was getting close to the real thing. Of course, her punishment was far from over.

They had all weekend.

© Aunt Carla
All rights reserved

Friday, August 16, 2013

Birthday Suit, Part Two

Maggie's Turn

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(Here's where our story began:

It had been two months since Carla's history-making 30th birthday party, at which she had appeared in her birthday suit and received a spanking - and other things - from each guest. Her partner Maggie was the next birthday girl in this very special circle of friends.

It was a very cold February night in the Colorado mountains, and the wood-burning stove and furnace were both hard at work warming their suburban home. At the moment, Carla was finishing up the cooking. As a special birthday gift to Maggie, she was wearing nothing but her apron. Maggie sat cross-legged on a chair in the next room, watching happily.

"Mmm...I could watch this all night," she purred contentedly, her eyes glued to her lover's shapely bare posterior.

"Well, you can't," Carla replied. "A certain beautiful lady I know needs to go upstairs and put her birthday suit on."

"Aww, can't I watch a little longer? I've got twenty minutes!"

"Twenty minutes until our guests arrive, you mean. You need to go get ready."

"Ten more minutes. I am the birthday girl."

"Yeah, the birthday girl who's gonna feel this wooden spoon on her bare butt if she doesn't scoot right now."

"Five more minutes."

Carla strode toward her, brandishing the spoon. Maggie squealed and hopped up, trying to make it to the stairs, but Carla moved quickly, cutting her off and tossing her over her knee. She sat on the steps and yanked down Maggie's sweatpants and panties together in a well-practiced maneuver.

"No, stop! I already got my birthday spanking from you!"

"This is not your birthday spanking!" Carla grinned at her lover's bare backside, still slightly pink from the hearty celebratory spanking she'd given her earlier. "This is your 'don't-piss-off-the-cook' spanking!" She brought the wooden implement down hard, and it made a satisfying thwack on Maggie's butt. The girl squawked and kicked at the sting as the spoon made contact with her bottom ten more times.

"OW! You meanie!" Maggie pouted.

"Oh, yes, I'm such a meanie," Carla said with a smile. "You were determined to have a red butt when your guests arrived, weren't you?"

"Well...duh!" Maggie laughed. "I wouldn't wanna show up all lily-white like you did!"

Carla put the spoon aside and used her hand.



"There, you've got your wish, sweet brat," Carla said, rubbing Maggie's hot pink tail affectionately. Maggie turned around and sat up, throwing her arms around Carla's neck and kissing her deeply. Carla responded in kind, and for a minute their tongues explored each other's mouths. When the heat between them began to rise, Carla pulled back.

"We don't have time, baby."

"I know, just one more kiss."

"God, you're such a child on your birthday!"

Maggie giggled. Theirs was a classic "switch" relationship. Neither of them stayed on top for long, which was just as they liked it. On their respective birthdays each woman entertained her inner child with relish.

"You know you love it," Maggie said, sinking her tongue into Carla's mouth once more. Only when Carla began to groan with pleasure did the birthday girl pull back suddenly and stand up. "OK, gotta go now," she said mischievously, and darted up the stairs.

"Oh, you are SO gonna get it!" Carla called after her with a smile. She went back to finish the cooking and the last-minute party preparations.

Upstairs, Maggie stood in front of the full-length mirror, removing layers of clothing. She pulled her sweatshirt over her head and tossed it on the bed, then did the same with her pants. Standing in just her underwear, she regarded her body, and mostly liked what she saw.

At 5'7", she was an inch taller than Carla and, while Carla wore her brunette hair down to her shoulders, Maggie's reddish-blonde locks were cropped in a short boy-cut. She wore matching topaz stud earrings and a silver pentagram around her neck. She was proud of the tattoo she had in the small of her back: an artistically rendered picture of the Goddess Gaia. Her size-36 breasts tumbled out as she unclasped her bra, and when she stepped out of her panties, there appeared proof-positive that she was a natural redhead.

Carla had given her a French tip manicure and pedicure as part of her birthday present. On her right ankle she sported a silver anklet, and she had rings on three toes of her right foot and two of her left. Her jewelry was all she'd be wearing tonight.

This was Maggie's second time as the guest of honor at these special birthday parties held among a small circle of girlfriends. Something of an exhibitionist, she felt a wonderful thrill in the pit of her stomach at the thought of being stark naked in a house full of fully-clothed ladies. She smiled at that thrill, knowing it would last all evening.

At that moment, Carla came through the door. "I see you've got your birthday suit on...good girl!" She kissed Maggie on her forehead and entered their walk-in closet. She chose the black Georgette corset dress Maggie had given her for her 30th birthday-the Magster's favorite. She pulled off the apron she was wearing, and for a moment, both women were naked.

"Baby?" Maggie purred.

"Yes, my love?"

"No shoes tonight, right?"

"Arggh!" Carla exclaimed. "I swear, these women are gonna think I don't own shoes!"

"No they won't." She giggled. "They're gonna think you're married to a foot fetishist!"

Contrary to popular opinion, foot fetishism was not a male-only interest, and Maggie was living proof. Indeed, she would have kept Carla perpetually barefoot if she could.

"OK, for you, and for your birthday. But you owe me."

"And I'll pay you later tonight."

"You certainly will." Carla smiled as she pulled on a pair of thong panties, then the dress, which was designed to work just fine without a bra. She had a beautiful, matching pair of black high heels that she went without in deference to Maggie's birthday wish.

"So, how do I look?" Carla asked, spinning around in the beautiful short black dress.

"Mmm...Gorgeous. Good enough to eat!"

"Later, my darling," Carla replied, blushing slightly. "And by the way, you look positively ravishing in your birthday suit."

"Thank you, m'lady!" Maggie said with a short curtsy. Then she looked at her reflection and pushed on her tummy. "Too bad I couldn't get rid of more of this in time."

"Nonsense! You're my Renaissance woman, and I wouldn't want you any other way."

They embraced and kissed again, and both felt a little wet as Maggie's naked body pushed against the bodice Carla wore. "I love you," Carla said.

"I love you too!" Maggie turned around to show off her bare butt. "Is it still pink?"

"Well, it's pink. But you did say you wanted a red bottom when your guests arrived, right?"

"No, really, it's sore enough alre..."

"I believe that's my prerogative, not yours."


Carla sat on the bed and guided the naked woman over her lap for her third - but by no means last - spanking of the day.

Her open palm landed repeatedly on the birthday girl's already-tender bottom.

"OWW!! I didn't mean...OW! I wanted...OOOHH...m-MORE! OWW!!"

Carla ignored the bucking woman on her lap and switched to her upper thighs, eliciting a satisfyingly shrill response.

"AHHH!! OWWWWW!!!!!!"

"I believe (SWAT) you said (SWAT) you didn't want to (SWAT!) show up (SWAT) 'all lily white' (SWAT! SWAT!) like me! (SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT!)

Maggie scissored her bare feet in the air with gusto as the heat in her backside grew. Her fists started pounding the carpet as the spanking went on.

Baby, PLEASE!!" she cried. "I'm...OWW!! SO...AHH..SORE!!!"

Carla chuckled and slowed her pace, then stopped. "I hereby declare this bottom sufficiently reddened for our guests," she announced. "It would be selfish of me not to leave a little skin on it for them to work on," she mused, finishing the spanking with a stunningly hard clap to the center of each cheek.

"Oww...Owwww!!" Maggie hung limply over her lover's lap, her eyes tearing slightly. Maggie was a crier. Unlike Carla, she always cried real tears once the serious sting of a spanking started to set in. Carla thought there was nothing more beautiful than that tear-stained face, especially when it was smiling as it was at present.

"You took that very well, love; I'm proud of you," she said in her best English accent, slipping into her English governess persona. "Off you go, now; take a look in the mirror."

"Oh, Miss, do I have to?" Maggie replied, taking her cue from Carla and becoming the English schoolgirl.

"Yes, indeed you do. You must get a good look at the red bottom you shall be displaying for your guests this evening."

Maggie groaned as she got up and was led by the hand to the mirror She turned around and exclaimed, "Oh my God!!"

"Heh heh. A lovely sight, isn't it?"

"But Miss, it's so red!"

"Indeed it is, and my favorite shade at that. Now, I believe a little birthday corner time is in order, wouldn't you say?"

"Oh Miss, please don't make me! I don't want corner time on my birthday!"

"Nonsense, girl," Carla replied briskly, still in character. "Off to the corner you go while I put my jewelry on."

"But Miss..."

"You would be well advised, young lady, to behave on this of all days. It would be a shame if you were denied a bit of your own birthday cake because of disobedience."

"Yes, Miss, I'll be good." The naked, rosy-bottomed woman put her nose in the corner and her hands on her head as required.

"That's my good girl."

Carla stood before the mirror and put on her earrings and necklace. The black dress was extra short, and its corset style pushed her ample breasts up and out delightfully. She looked and felt incredibly sexy. "OK, baby, let's go party," she said, breaking character. Maggie came out of the corner with a broad smile on her lovely face.

They walked downstairs, Carla leading the way in her short black dress and bare feet, Maggie behind her in magnificent nakedness as the doorbell rang.

© Aunt Carla

Thursday, August 15, 2013

30th Birthday Spankings

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I turned thirty yesterday and Mags threw me the most wonderful party! (Yes, I'm quite aware that the girls pictured above are nowhere near thirty. It was the fact that they're obviously sisters having a great time is what drew my eye.) The only trouble was, I'd bragged in a recent blog post that birthday spankings were no big deal, since they were a fixed number of spanks over jeans, and I was used to getting long, bare-bottom spankings. BIG mistake! Our good friends Jayna and Isabel caught it, and took my boasting as a direct challenge. 

Accordingly, Maggie invited them to come an hour before the party to give me the bare-bottom birthday spankings I deserved. Maggie hemmed up what was already my shortest skirt for the occasion. The skirt was embarrassingly hilarious, and Jay & Belle had wayyyyy too much fun making fun of me when they arrived and I had to answer the door like that! Maggie had hemmed it such that the lowest portion of my bottom was showing; since I had a thong underneath, all I had to do was to bend over slightly, and my butt was fully displayed (grrr...). She also had me in a too-small tank top (that stopped above my navel) without a bra, so there wasn't a whole lot left to the imagination. 

Thanks to Maggie's close reading of my stories, I was barefoot all day, and it was chilly, especially when I answered the door. Jay & Belle took one look at me and burst out laughing! They got out of their coats and got right down to business. Jayna led me by the hand to the sofa and took me over her knee; of course, the barely-there skirt rode up to completely reveal my bare butt to her gaze. And then ... OWWW-- All I can say is, beware of a dominant spanko lady with a point to make. Jay spanked me HARD, and I was doing some flailing around and squawking by swat number thirty. She even gave me a PINCH on each cheek for luck - when did that become part of the birthday spanking ritual???

It was Isabel's turn next; over her knee I went. She has a tendency to spank lightly, sweet little submissive girl that she is (Yeah, RIGHT. She's the one who noticed the blog post and gave me up! It's always the quiet ones you've got to watch.) And unbeknownst to me, Mags put a hairbrush in her hand just before she started... OW OW OW! 

Finally I had to go over Maggie's knee, and before she started, she asked, "So, baby, do you still think birthday spankings are no big deal?" I replied most emphatically in the negative, then she gave me another 30 hard swats. By the time she let me off her lap, I swear I was dancing in place and holding my scorched buns, much to the delight of my audience.

Then Jayna said she thought the last bit of my penalty should be to give them 15 minutes of corner time with my skirt pinned up (grrr again...). She did the honors, and I stood there with my hands on my head and red-hot bare bottom on display while they sipped eggnog and kept up a running commentary about the state of my butt (God, I love my friends). 

When my 15 minutes were up, I had just enough time to change into jeans and a blouse before the other guests arrived. Have you ever tried pulling on a skin-tight pair of jeans after your bottom's been worked over by three determined spankaholic women? OW! 

Mom and Dad, Maggie's parents, my sister Ginny & her husband John, and my brother Nicky all came. We had the most wonderful time! Such a great meal (Mags is one terrific cook), much enjoyable conversation, thoughtful, generous gifts. After the cake had been served, Mags announced that it was birthday spanking time. I winced, as my butt was still quite tender from the 90 swats I'd already had. 

Mom volunteered to go first, and she proved that her spanking skills have not diminished in the least. Dad demurred, but Ginny and Nicky both took to it with relish. John would have loved to, but he's in love with me, and didn't dare (a long story I'll share with you some other time). They were all surprised at how vocal I was, and how I kicked and struggled - so much more than usual. Little did they know that my behind had been thoroughly tenderized before they arrived! 

I remained on my feet for the rest of the party, which was the subject of much laughter and goodnatured teasing. 

When the last guest had left, Maggie instructed me to go up to the bedroom, strip naked, and lie over the bed with pillows under my stomach. She said she'd be along shortly to use my new 'toy' on my already oh-so-sore bottom.

About ten minutes later, she came up and found me lying in the prescribed position in my birthday suit. She swished the cane through the air, which made a rather intimidating sound. Neither of us had ever tried a cane before, and we were keen to see and feel what it was like. 

Oh. My. God. The first cut made me virtually levitate off the bed! I couldn't believe the exquisite sting that implement provided. We had both decided beforehand that she wouldn't hold back because it was my first time; we both wanted to experience giving and receiving a real "six-of-the-best." And what an experience it was! By the end, I was hoarse from the loud noises I'd made in response to each and every cut, and quite exhausted. Mags helped me up to let me see what my well-spanked and caned bottom looked like in the full-length mirror. Wow, what a sight! My entire bottom was suffused with bright pink color, and six clearly discernible stripes decorated it. I threw my arms around Maggie's neck and thanked her (for everything), then I collapsed naked on my belly on the bed in total exhaustion. She threw a blanket over me, and giggled at the fact that I winced when even that touched my sore bottom. I was out like a light. What a truly wonderful day!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Birthday Suit

Part One

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"Carla, get down here! They're gonna be here any minute!" Maggie called up the stairs.

"I know! I'll be right there!" Carla called back.

Maggie went back to the last of the party preparations, shaking her head. "It's not like she has to get dressed or anything," she said to herself with a smile.

It was Carla's 30th birthday, and they were celebrating with some good friends who shared their particular lifestyle. In keeping with the same, the birthday girl would spend the party in her birthday suit, and receive over-the-knee spankings from each guest.

Upstairs, Carla was looking in the bathroom mirror and blushing prettily. She was basically a shy person, but being married to Maggie meant having her limits perpetually tested. She'd been to two of these birthday parties in the past year, but this was her first time as the guest of honor, and to say she was nervous would be a serious understatement.

Her shoulder-length brown hair had been styled for the occasion, and she was satisfied with the look. At 5'6", she was a petite woman with medium-sized breasts, a fairly flat stomach and an ample behind. "A bottom made for spanking," as Maggie often said. It was still a light pink and tingling from the private birthday spanking she had received earlier. At Maggie's behest, Carla had fully shaven herself in front, making her feel more than naked. This evening, she would be wearing nothing but her jewelry: a wedding ring, a silver belly button ring, a toe ring on her left foot and an ankle bracelet on her right. The thought of welcoming guests in her present condition made her tummy flip!

"Carla! Get your butt downstairs now!" she heard Maggie yell.

"I'm coming!" she called back. It was the moment of truth. Once she went downstairs there'd be no turning back. She stepped out on the landing, blushing like crazy. It was a cold December night in the Colorado mountains, and in her current state, Carla was certainly feeling the chill! She forced herself to walk downstairs, saying "This is crazy, this is crazy!" to herself as she went.

"Well, it's about time, chica!" Maggie said in mock anger. "One more minute and you would have gotten yourself a punishment spanking for being late for your own party! I think it would be cute if you had to greet your guests with a hot pink bottom, don't you?"

"Umm, not so much," Carla replied, her hands automatically going back to cover her bottom.

"Well, it certainly will be a nice shade of red once everyone's had their turn with it tonight!" Maggie winked.

The doorbell rang, and Carla's stomach did somersaults. "Well," Maggie said, "don't just stand there babe, answer the door!" Carla groaned, but obeyed, tiptoeing towards the door in her bare feet.

When she opened it, there stood Dee, her good friend from the UK. Dee was a bisexual woman who had traveled all the way across the Atlantic for this very special 'girls' night.'

"Oh, Carla, you look absolutely darling in your birthday suit!" she exclaimed, coming through the door and kissing her friend on the cheek. 
"Hi, Miss Dee, I'm so glad you could make it!" Carla replied, smiling but blushing furiously.

"Hi, Maggie!" Dee hugged her enthusiastically. "Aww, doesn't Carla look incredibly cute when she blushes? I could just eat her up!" 
"Yeah, she sure does, but I'm the only one who gets to eat her up," Maggie said with a devious grin. 
"Maggie, you naughty lady!" Dee said in mock indignation, swatting Maggie's bottom. "You sure know how to make a woman jealous!" They all laughed, and suddenly Carla didn't feel quite as embarrassed by her nakedness. 
She offered her friend a glass of wine, which she accepted happily. They all sat down in the living room.

"So tell me, who else will be here tonight?" Dee asked.

"Our friends Jayna and Isabel from college, and Carla's big sister Genevieve," Maggie said, sipping her Merlot. "Ginny wasn't sure she could make it at first, but when I told her about our party plans, she decided she couldn't pass up a chance to spank her baby sister in her birthday suit."

"She still remembers her 18th birthday, when I spanked her bare bottom with the hairbrush," Carla mused. "Mom said it would be my last chance to give her a birthday spanking, so I should make it memorable - and I did!"

"Well, young lady, I don't think you can hope for any clemency from her tonight, then!" Dee laughed. "And speaking of zero-clemency, here's your first present from me," she said, reaching into her bag. She took out a small box, beautifully gift-wrapped. "It's your 'pre-birthday' present, so you must open it now."

"Thank you, Miss Dee; I can't imagine what it might be," Carla said somewhat ruefully. In fact, she knew exactly what it was, because Dee had told her in one of their online conversations. Carla opened the box and squealed when she found the beautiful Victorian-style hairbrush she'd been promised. Attached was a note card that read, 'Not to be used upon hair.'

"Oh Dee, you shouldn't have! No, I mean, you really shouldn't have," Carla grinned and kissed her friend on the cheek. "Well I certainly couldn't have my sweet Carla getting spanked with anything less than the best!" she enthused. Maggie picked up the implement and turned it over in her hand. "Wow, this is one heavy hairbrush! Your butt is toast, Babe!"

"Don't remind me!" The doorbell rang again, and once again Carla blushed deeply as she went to the door. "She really has no control over that pretty little blush, does she dear?" Dee said to Maggie. "No, she doesn't. She's really very shy : that's why this party is gonna be so good for her."

Their comments actually produced a deeper shade of red in Carla's cheeks as she welcomed Genevieve in.

"Oh my God, Sis, I can't believe you're actually doing it!" Ginny hugged her little sister. "Well, I had a choice between a birthday-suit party or a whole week of birthday spankings from Maggie," Carla said. "Maggie, what have you done to my innocent baby sister, you twisted dyke?!" (Ginny and Maggie were the best of friends, so such potentially inflammatory epithets were all in good fun.)

"Innocent? Innocent?! You obviously don't know your sister as well as you think," Maggie laughed, embracing her sister-in-law in a bear hug.

Jayna and Isabel arrived moments later, and after much giggling about Carla's choice of attire, introductions were made and everyone sat down to dinner. The ladies all enjoyed Maggie's exquisite Coq au Vin and vintage Merlot. They also enjoyed teasing poor Carla about her inability to keep the perpetual blush from her cheeks, reminding her that the other two cheeks would soon match.

After dinner, and cake, they all retired to the living room. "Okay, everybody, it's presents and spanking time!" Maggie announced with glee. 
"I don't mean to be forward, dear," Dee said, "but my gift really should be opened first." 
Carla answered, "Oh, no! I'm not sure I wanna know what else you got me!" She opened the gift, gasping at what she saw. 
"It's a butt plug, darling," Dee said (stating the obvious!). 
"I know what it is! I'm just, I'm, uh, Oh my God!!" Carla shrieked, causing the rest of the room to erupt in laughter.

"Well don't be rude, babe," Maggie said. "Ask Aunty Dee to put it in you." This elicited another gasp from Carla, and an "Oh, my!" from Dee. She had fantasized about this, but never dreamed it would actually happen! Turning a new shade of red, Carla placed herself submissively across Dee's lap and said, "Aunty Dee, thank you for my present. Will you please put it in me?" Dee smiled broadly and said, "It would be my pleasure, darling."

"You certainly have her well trained," Jayna observed. "Thank you, J, I do what I can," Maggie replied with a twinkle in her eye. Jayna held Isabel's hand tightly and they both watched with great interest as Dee lubricated the five-inch invader that was about to penetrate their friend. Carla tensed up and quietly said, "Oh, my God!" staring at the rug in nervous apprehension. Dee swatted her sharply on both bottom cheeks. "Stop clenching, you naughty girl! Aunty Dee needs to open you up." She dipped her finger in the lubricant, then stuck it into Carla's most private spot, causing the girl to gasp and kick involuntarily. After the target area was properly lubricated, Dee very gradually eased the plug into the birthday girl's backside. Carla's toes curled and she grabbed Dee's leg, breathing hard as the invader went deeper and deeper inside her. Her anus helped pull it in all the way, and then she got another surprise. Dee flipped a switch, and the plug began vibrating loudly, shaking her from the inside out. Carla reacted with an involuntary "OH!!" and there was laughter and applause all around.

"Oh, that's perfect, Dee!" Maggie enthused. "I'll be sure to keep that inside her 'til tomorrow morning." Carla groaned at the prospect. "OK! And I propose we leave it on the highest setting for the rest of the evening!" she said, turning up the power. More giggling ensued as Carla levitated on her lap. Maggie handed Dee the hairbrush, and Dee addressed the birthday girl. "I've been wanting to do this for a long, long time, my sweet Carla."

SMACK! The heavy brush landed with a force and a sting that took Carla's breath away. Together, the guests chanted, "ONE!"



Dee continued the spanking with gusto, while Carla twisted on her lap, kicking her little feet against the sting. She had never been able to take a spanking without a lot of fuss, and Dee's athletic swing of the hairbrush soon had her reacting with ever-louder vocalizations. Finally, she reached the last stroke.



"THIRTY!" the guests chorused. Carla lay limp over her friend's lap, breathing heavily and still kicking in a futile attempt to relieve the sting in her hot pink backside. "Don't forget one for good luck!" Ginny advised. "NOOO!!!" Carla cried, but the hairbrush had already begun its downward arc.


"OW! OH MY GOD!!!"

Everyone applauded Dee's excellent spanking work. "Thank you, everyone," she said a little breathlessly. She pulled Carla up on her lap and gave her a long hug. "Happy Birthday, Sweetie!" she said warmly.

"Thank you, Aunty Dee."

"Okay, my present next!" Isabel said with enthusiasm. Carla stood up somewhat stiffly and rubbed her inflamed tail. Isabel handed her a gift, which she started to open it standing up. "Oh no, you don't!" said Ginny. "You park that buzzing little tail of yours back on your chair right now!" Carla groaned, but smiled and said, "Yes, Ma'am."

"Now that's what I call showing respect for your elders!" Isabel grinned. Carla winced as she lowered herself onto her chair and opened the box. Inside was a pink "Pocket Rocket" vibrator.

"Isabel! How'd you know?!" Carla exclaimed excitedly.

"Oh, a little bird named Maggie," she winked.

"It's just what I wanted ... thank you!" Isabel leaned over for a kiss. "I'm gonna have fun with this later on," Carla purred, looking over at Maggie.

"What do you mean, later on, little girl?" Maggie said. "Isabel's gonna demonstrate its use right now!"

"Oh my God, you're not serious!" Carla said, dumbfounded.

"I assure you I am most serious. Isabel?"

The girl needed no further prodding. She stood up and led the naked girl to the couch where she and Jayna had been sitting. "Lie down, baby," she said. Carla obeyed, and for a moment the only sound in the room was the buzzing of the butt plug and her heavy breathing. "I just love a bald pussy, don't you, ladies?" Isabel said, lubricating Carla with her fingertips. Carla started to moan with pleasure as her friend lubricated her inside and out. Then she gradually inserted the vibrator and switched it on. "AHH!!" Carla exclaimed, arching her back and inviting the toy deeper inside her. Isabel turned up the power and slid it in and out several times. Soon Carla was oblivious to her audience, she was thoroughly caught up in her own pleasure. After less than a minute, she exploded in a crashing, screaming orgasm! As she gradually came down, hands all around the room involuntarily moved toward their owners' private parts in vicarious arousal.

Finally, Isabel pushed the vibrator deep inside Carla and turned her over her lap. Taking the brush from Dee, she applied it to the limp girl's bottom 31 times. Carla was too wiped out by her climax to put up much resistance. When it was over, she got a big hug from Isabel, who said, "Show of hands: who wants Carla to keep her toy inside her for the rest of the evening?" Every hand shot up immediately, and Carla purred, overwhelmed by the constant inner massage of the dual plugs. 

Jayna handed her a box, saying, "Here, sweetie, I think you'll really like these." 
"Mmm..." was all Carla could say. Inside the box she found a pair of nipple clamps with a silver chain. "Wow ... they're beautiful," she croaked, feeling a bit over-stimulated by the constant inner vibration. Jayna looked over at Maggie, who simply nodded. Jayna took the clamps from Carla and gently attached one of them to her left nipple. Rewarded with a sharp intake of breath from the girl, she clamped Carla's right nipple and pulled gently on the chain. Carla's eyes bulged at the combination of pleasure and pain and, before she knew it, she was over yet another lap, being spanked hard.

Finally released from Jayna's lap, she stood up quickly and rubbed her burning backside, hopping from one foot to the other in a classic "dance of the spanked," much to the delight of the ladies. "OWWWW!!!" she cried, stamping a bare foot against the carpet as if that would somehow alleviate the overwhelming sting. Then her cries of pain gradually turned to moans of pleasure as the dual vibrators and nipple clamps sent her into another ecstatic wave of indescribable pleasure. When it was over, she collapsed on the couch in the fetal position, moaning and whimpering, tears running down her face. Everyone watched in awe: this was already the most exciting party any of them had ever been to.

"Well," said Ginny with a pronounced flush in her face, "after all that, I'm afraid my present is gonna seem awfully tame!" From the couch they heard a muffled, "tame is good." from Carla. "You okay, sweetie?" asked Dee. "Yeah...I'm just, uh...Maggie?"

"Yes, baby?"

"Could I ... Can I take them out? Please?" 

Maggie chuckled. "Well, no, but you can turn them off. I think you've had about as much stimulation as anyone could be expected to take in one go. Agreed, ladies?"

Everyone did. Maggie took the naked, red-bottomed girl by the hand and took her to the bathroom. When they came back, Carla was no longer buzzing, and the nipple clamps had been removed. Her tears had been washed away and her hair combed. She looked happy but spent. She went back to the couch, but lay down on her belly rather than subject her outraged bottom to any more contact with the seat. Crossing and uncrossing her bare feet in the air and holding her chin in her hands, she looked more thirteen than thirty. Ginny went over to her with her present. "Happy Birthday, baby sister," she said warmly, stroking her hair. 
"Thanks, Gin." Carla opened her present and was delighted to find a beautiful baby-blue negligée that she'd been admiring in a catalogue. "I love it!" she said happily.

"Well guess what, babe?" Maggie said.


"After Ginny gives you your spanking, you get to put it on." 

"Really?!" she squealed with delight. While being naked had been thrilling, and being dually vibed had been overwhelming, she was definitely ready to put on something beautiful.

"But first," said Ginny, "over my lap, squirt!" Carla groaned at the thought of more spanking to her already incredibly sore rear end, but she obediently lay across her sister's lap. Using her hand instead of the brush, Ginny gave her little sister a break - just 31 light, token slaps to her posterior. Then she hugged her and helped her into the beautiful negligee.

Maggie served everyone coffee and insisted they polish off what remained of the cake. Soon thereafter everyone started heading out. Jayna and Isabel had been so turned on by the events of the evening, they barely made it into their apartment before they were pulling off each others' clothes. Dee returned to her hotel room and a long, satisfying session with her own vibrator. Ginny went home and surprised her husband by initiating sex, satisfying him as never before. And Maggie and Carla, both of them now in their birthday suits, went down on each other and fell asleep blissfully in one another's arms. 

© Aunt Carla

Sunday, July 28, 2013

On Top

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(Author's Note: After reading an account of a rather epic spanking I received from my partner, a reader who knows we switch asked me to narrate a typical punishment scenario in which I'm on top. It's a pleasure to do so.)

*     *     *

First, I announce that she's going to be punished and why, and send her to change into her punishment (drop seat) pajamas. This is an effective way to start, because she hates coming out into the living room wearing those things, even though it's just the two of us. Although she's still wearing panties at this point, the flap must always be down -- it's the reason we got them, after all!

Usually I just point to the corner next to the TV; she puts her nose in the corner and her hands on her head. (She's usually still grumbling a little at this early stage, but I ignore it.) After ten minutes, I call her out and have her stand in front of me, her hands still on her head. I ask her what she's being punished for, and once I get a confession, I tell her why the behavior is unacceptable and how disappointed I am. This unfailingly brings a bright blush to her cheeks and tells me I have her full attention.

She goes over my lap, and I start spanking her over her panties. Once I've built up a good flush, I tell her to stand and take off her pajamas. Although she knows it's futile, she always begs me to let her keep them on. I just wait and stare at her. With a sigh, she finally surrenders and takes off the pjs; now she stands self-consciously before me in just her bra and panties.

Back over my lap she goes, and I peel her panties down to mid-thigh. Then I set to work, peppering her bare bottom and the tops of her thighs with sharp, hard swats. She tends to wiggle and squirm, kicking her bare feet and reaching around to protect her burning backside. I catch her right hand in my left and pin it to her back, and wait a moment to let her catch her breath. Then I pick up my wooden hairbrush, and start spanking con brio. She becomes very vocal at this point, and it takes a bit of effort to hold her in place as she flops around on my lap, trying to avoid the brush. I cover the entire spankable area, and I keep it up until she she's positively caterwauling.

As I want her to sting a lot, but bruise not at all, I soon slow my pace. I concentrate light, sharp, stinging swats of the brush all over the sensitive junction of her bottom and thigh until I'm sure she won't be sitting comfortably for a few days. Then I put down the brush and let her cry, rubbing her back and her sore bottom.

When she gets herself back under control somewhat, I ask, "Are we going to have to revisit this issue, young lady?" She swears by all that's holy that we won't, and I "seal" the promise with two stunning hand claps across her backside. This results in more sobbing, at which point I unhook her bra and remove it along with her panties. "Corner," I tell her.

Naked and sore, she stands up and walks stiffly to the corner. Without being told, she puts her hands back on her head. Over the next ten minutes, I enjoy the sight of her hot pink backside, and make occasional comments about what a well-punished girl she is, and how her bottom is most beautiful when it's that color.

After ten minutes, I call her out of the corner and sit her on my lap. I hold her tight, letting her feel her nakedness against my clothes. I tell her how much I love her and that she's forgiven. After several minutes of cuddling like that, I turn on the TV and we watch something together. We have a tradition in which she asks for permission at this point to put her pajamas back on. I always answer, "No, you may not put any clothes on, silly girl, you know you need to be naked." She smiles contentedly and throws her arms around my neck. I pull a blanket over her, and soon she falls asleep in my arms.

© Aunt Carla